An extended acquisition verification process that began in 2007 has successfully culminated in the Husky Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD), achieving ‘full material release’ from the US Army. This is the first time a South African manufactured military vehicle has successfully completed this process.

This is a major milestone because, in practical terms, it means the Husky VMMD has become an approved product system within the US Army’s inventory. The credibility of the materials used, the manufacturing process employed as well as vehicle performance has now been closely examined and endorsed by the largest military authority in the world. This places RSD and CSI’s engineering capabilities firmly in the world spotlight.

The Husky VMMD is our flagship defence product and has been hailed as the world’s leading landmine detection system. The Husky is a unique landmine detection vehicle that is blast survivable, overpass capable and field repairable, and has been combat-proven in conflict situations around the world since the early 1980’s.

Stringent qualification criteria were applied to the Husky VMMD as part of the US Army’s full material release process. Product verification and testing was carried out during 2008 and 2009 at US Army proving grounds at Yuma in Arizona, at White Sands missile test range in New Mexico and at Aberdeen proving grounds in Maryland. The product verification involved full automotive reliability and maintainability testing, as well as electromagnetic and blast testing to prove survivability and safety.

Another major milestone to be achieved in this process was the capture and integration of all Husky support data in the US Army’s logistic system. This included operation, maintenance and support documentation, training packages, as well as logistic data and pricing. Our international partners CSI executed this portion of the task with RSD, supplying all technical and logistic source information for conversion into approved US Government formats.