HTS TENTIQ are thrilled to announce the re-launch of their military and humanitarian division.

Re-branded as HTS TENTIQ and complete with a new and specialist website, the division is set to become a global leader in the supply of rapid deployment shelters to the military and humanitarian markets.

With product innovation and customer demand increasing rapidly, the need for the military and humanitarian team to stand alongside HTS TENTIQ as a separate division, as well as an integral part of the company’s overall product offering, was obvious.

Created by Heinz Röder, one of the pioneers of the aluminium tent industry and founder of HTS TENTIQ, the military and humanitarian division has very quickly developed an optimum product range suitable for just about any military or humanitarian situation or requirement worldwide.

Operating at the pioneering edge of innovation and technology HTS TENTIQ product range includes troop and accommodation shelters, inflatable shelters, larger-multipurpose tents, maintenance tents and aircraft hangers, mobile storage buildings, emergency shelters, complete field camp solutions and just about any accessory going.

Breaking new ground, HTS TENTIQ recently created one of the most important innovations introduced to the market for years; the HTS TENTIQ CARBON-HYBRID Shelters.

This unique and fully patented design creates a frame that is smaller and lighter than a comparable traditional shelter, yet infinitely stronger; achieving up to 35% less packaged weight and up to 50% less packaged volume. For military and humanitarian customers, this means camps can be built much quicker and cope with some of the harshest of climates and environments on the planet.

HTS TENTIQ head Michael Zeh said: “This re-focus on the HTS TENTIQ military and humanitarian division means our new website and branding now accurately reflects our superior product range, advancements in technology and innovation, as well as our individual knowledge and experience. With these credentials we are now aiming to become a true global market leader; one that can combine the most advanced product design and technology with a true customer orientation.”