The STIM210 provides high-accuracy inertial data for the AXD-LNS land navigator solution. Sensonor is currently in serial deliveries supporting the land navigator, which went into regular production in late 2016 following five years of development.

The GMA AXD-LNS is a high-performance Navigation system intended for a wide range of applications, such as advanced navigation displays and navigation control systems in armoured vehicle programmes. Due to its high-stability MEMS sensor-based architecture, the AXD-LNS equipment is easily configured for platform stabilisation applications. In a GPS-denied environment, the system exploits the velocity aiding with help of the high-accuracy inertial data in order to provide a continuous navigation solution.

The AXD-LNS product specifically addresses the stabilisation and guidance needs of the defence market, and all of its components comply with the demanding standards of safety and reliability used in this field.

STIM210 is a small, lightweight and low power, ITAR-free, high-performance tactical grade gyro module with three gyros. The STIM210 is closing the performance gap to FOG (fibre optic gyro) and is a powerful alternative to current solutions in the market.

STIM210 is currently deployed in applications such as UAVs, satellites, portable target acquisition systems, land navigation systems, turret stabilisation, missile stability and navigation, and mortar aiming systems. STIM210 has been in regular production since 2010 and is part of the STIM gyro and IMU family that has fielded more than 50,000 gyros worldwide.