ESG Elektroniksystem was one of several international partners participating in the Crisis Management Exercise St. George from 14-15 March 2012 in Georgia. With this exercise the National Security Council (NSC) of Georgia further developed and trained its skills in crisis management and the cooperation between the ministries and involved organisations.

With its technological expertise and process skills, ESG supported the Georgian NSC in setting up an efficient and capable crisis centre by providing a customised crisis management solution based on off-the-shelf hardware and software. The crisis management solution plays an important part in creating a common recognised information picture (CRIP) as a basis for decision-making for the president.

ESG provided the following services and equipment:

  • Admission and verification of the requirements for the crisis management group in the national security room
  • Prototypical system, training system
  • Virtualised system
  • Groupware
  • Software for office communication
  • Geoinformation system
  • Solutions for data fusion

The solution for this exercise was realised in collaboration with the security expert Stuart Harrison, UK, and CCD Design.

For almost five decades, ESG has ranked among the leading German companies for the development, integration and operation of complex electronic and security-relevant IT systems. Independent process and technology consulting is one of ESG’s key areas of expertise.

Technology transfer between markets forms the basis for an important contribution to our customers’ value creation.