General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) has signed a contract with the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistic Organisation (DALO) for the delivery of 309 PIRANHA 5 Armoured Personal Carriers (APC) in six variants (Infantry, Command, Ambulance, Engineer, Mortar and Repair), as well as a multi-year sustainment contract for the through life support of the vehicles in the future.

The contract was signed on 15 December 2015, and has a value of approximately $600m. Deliveries will commence in 2018 and continue through to 2023.

The PIRANHA 5 will gradually replace the M113 and will become the backbone of the Danish Army´s armoured vehicle fleet.

The contract is the culmination of an extensive evaluation and acquisition project and concludes one of the largest armoured vehicle competitions in Europe.

"It is important that we invest in the Danish Defence. Piranha 5 is better protected than the ageing, armoured personnel carriers available to the army today, so with this purchase we are enhancing the army’s ability to carry out its future tasks," said Peter Christensen, minister of defence of Denmark.

"GDELS is very proud to have received this contract.

"It underlines the confidence and satisfaction of our Danish customer with our PIRANHA 5 platform, especially with the very high protection against ballistic threats, mines and improvised explosive devices and the excellent mobility both on and off-road," said Alfonso Ramonet, President of General Dynamics European Land Systems.

"The PIRANHA 5 won in a highly competitive tender."

The contract was signed through GDELS-Mowag, the Swiss-based subsidiary of GDELS.

The wheeled PIRANHA 5 is technologically one of the most advanced armoured wheeled vehicles, built on international battlefield experience.

The inherent growth potential and power reserves will provide the Danish Armed Forces (DAF) the ability to upgrade the vehicle over the lifetime in accordance with new evolving requirements in the future.

It builds on the heritage of the PIRANHA vehicle family already in service with the DAF, which has been proven in international operations. In addition to the high level of protection, the PIRANHA 5 provides the soldiers with a flexible and comfortable interior and generous payload.

In terms of mobility, and with its efficient all-wheel drive and the hydro-pneumatic suspension, the PIRANHA 5 sets the standard in this vehicle class.

The PIRANHA 5 offers comprehensive vehicle capabilities at an excellent performance / value for money ratio.