GDELS signs agreements with Czech Republic Government

The Czech Republic Government has a requirement to replace its legacy fleet of tracked armoured vehicles with modern infantry fighting vehicles.

General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) has been down-selected as a potential candidate for this competitive acquisition project with its modern tracked armoured vehicle ASCOD.

For this new vehicle programme, GDELS will continue with its long-term industrial partnership strategy in the Czech Republic. As a proven and reliable partner, it has previously supplied 107 PANDUR 8×8 vehicles to the Czech Army with a high level of local industrial participation.

The entire production of this modern wheeled armoured vehicle has been transferred to a Czech Industry partner.

During the IDET Defense exhibition in Brno on 1 June, GDELS signed collaborative arrangements with five local Czech companies for potential cooperation on the new tracked vehicle programme.

"With this step, we clearly reconfirm our strong commitment to the Czech Army to supply our ASCOD, one of the most modern and capable infantry fighting vehicles, and to execute our successful strategy of bringing significant benefits to the local industry.

"The Czech Republic is one of GDELS’ home-markets and we can rely on a vast and proven network of cooperation with various industry partners across the country," said Dr Thomas Kauffmann, Vice President International Business and Services at GDELS.

GDELS has signed an arrangement with its strategic partner Czechoslovak Group (CSG Group), based in Prague. "To explore additional cooperation on new programmes is a consequential step of our successful and proven cooperation," said Jaroslav Strnad, owner of the CSG Group.

GDELS signed a Memorandum of Understanding with another major business partner, VOP CZ, which has extensive experience, skills and capabilities in the field of military equipment production, welding and machining.

Additional agreements were signed between GDELS and its Czech suppliers Letecké Přístroje Praha (LPP), specialising in battle management information and diagnostic systems; Meopta Systems, a leading manufacturer of optics and OEM products; and Ray Service, with vast experience and capabilities in engineering and production of cable harnesses and electromechanical assemblies.