In recent weeks, flu has topped headlines as being one of the worst outbreaks in years. The virus is spreading at an exponential rate, forcing many infected Americans to skip work or school and head for hospitals. However, the rapid onset of flu cases has left hospitals flooded with patients, leaving little to no room for developing cases. Many hospitals have turned to mobile surge facilities to accommodate the increasing number of patients.

Shelter manufacturer DHS Systems has years of experience creating mobile, soft-walled facilities for military and medical organizations alike. Mobile Surge Facilities, such as the company’s Reeves Medical Surge Facilities, can deploy outside of hospitals or near to a disaster site for medical personnel to establish a treatment center.

Reeves Medical Surge Facilities use DHS’ patented Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters (DRASH). These soft-walled shelters are rugged, man-portable and climate-controlled. They deploy within minutes, in any terrain, and can withstand extreme weather and temperature conditions. Additionally, the dual cover shelter design provides an aseptic environment for operational tasks.

"Due to the flu outbreak the last thing hospitals want is to be flooded by people that can transmit viruses. That is why the use of our Reeves Surge Facilities, or our Reeves Drive Thru Vaccination Systems is an effective way for hospitals and Public Health Departments personnel to work outside of the hospital in a comfortable work space that is heated and protected from the elements," said Mark Vidovic Reeves Business Development Representative.

Reeves Surge Facilities are available in 10-bed and 25-bed models but the shelter’s design allows users to interconnect the facilities to increase operating space. In addition to the 10 and 25 bed models, many other shelter options are available to meet specific needs.

Basic Reeves Medical Surge Facilities include interoperable systems for heating, cooling, and lighting.

Packages that are more comprehensive include power generation and distribution, hardened flooring, patient bedding and medical equipment.