Elmon as a leading manufacturer of bulletproof vests has developed a great variety of ballistic concepts to serve the ever-growing end users’ demands.

By taking into consideration the eager need to develop affordable ballistic vests, which can protect the end users from even more evolved common threats such as aggressive ammunition, dangerous knife blades and lethal syringe attacks, our team has came up with a ballistic concept which provides 6 different certified protections against all of the above lethal threats.

The new generation Elmon model APD, protection level IIIA per NIJ 0101.04, has been developed to offer great unaffected ballistic performance (and maximum bullet trauma at 9mm) in real conditions (high temperatures, water, UV radiation, etc).

Elmon matched the high quality materials always used to create a ballistic vest, which apart from its ballistic protection can also protect the end-user from knife (S1/G HOSDB at 20j <10mm), syringe (VPAM KDIW 2004 class l1), hand grenade (DM51< 2.5 m), Special Type Tokarev FMJ 7.62mm x 25mm at a lowest weight of 4.8kg/m2.