Curtiss-Wright is a technological leader in providing COTS products and open architecture solutions for mission computing, signal processing, graphics, communication fabrics, system and sensing I/O and chassis products.

The ‘building block’ approach to providing solutions gives our customers great benefits with respect to cost, lead time and supportability. While providing these non-developmental items, the technology developed and the intellectual property also becomes a benefit for our customers in the ability to provide custom or point-design products when necessary.

Curtiss-Wright has products on hundreds of defence programmes and continues to provide support throughout their life cycle. This experience has taught us that long-term support, obsolescence management, and security are key aspects of every defence programme, and sometimes raise concerns of risk when applying COTS technology. In order to eliminate this concern, Curtiss-Wright provides product families for a volume production period of five to seven years and more.

During this period, products undergo continuous improvement through software revisions, reliability enhancements and component
upgrades. We realise our defence customers require knowledge, and often control, of these improvements. Application stability and predictability is essential for deployed mission-critical systems, which have an in-service life long past the volume production period.

To meet these marketplace demands, Curtiss-Wright provides a suite of Continuum Lifecycle Services that safeguard your programmes and mitigate the challenges associated with leveraging COTS technology for long-term, mission-critical systems.

Curtiss-Wright delivers complete system of systems integration and support services that reduce interoperability risks, lowers programme costs and accelerates time to market.

Each system of systems project is provided with a single Curtiss-Wright programme manager and single technical point of contact.

Our single point of contact approach eliminates the supply chain overhead created by multiple purchase orders, separately negotiated terms and conditions, and different repair and warranty support sites. This frees up valuable resources to focus on your unique integrated solution.

Curtiss-Wright performs complete on-site field testing, integration support and training for all systems to ensure the platform integration process goes smoothly. Our engineers address any on-site integration challenges, leveraging decades of experience developing rugged embedded components and systems for defence and aerospace customers worldwide.

Full life-cycle and obsolescence ensures support is extended beyond integration.