EID, the Portuguese defence communications company, has just launched the latest model of the TWH-100 series Personal Radio, the TWH-104. It will be showcased at Eurosatory 2014, where EID will be exhibiting.

Based on long term and very close relationship with its customers, EID designs innovative products that cope with the real needs of operational scenarios. The TWH-104 was developed to bring new features for all type of tactical scenarios, such as extended range communications and GPS/GLONASS receiver for automatic position reporting.

The TWH-100 series Personal Radios are compact, cost effective and military-graded transceivers that ensure secure and reliable voice and data communications for squad teams and higher echelons in many scenarios such as dismounted, vehicular, naval and amphibious operations.

This family of Personal Radios offers lightweight and low consumption transceivers operating on the 2.4GHz ISM band with a very low RF signature modulation scheme based on spread spectrum technology (DSSS) and providing a robust, reliable and low probability of detection TDMA waveform. It also features AES encryption providing a very high security level on the transferred audio and data streams; security keys are downloadable.

The Personal Radio family provides several tactical communication services, such as full-duplex voice conference, GPS reporting, e-mail, chat, file transfer and real-time video streaming.

On top of the functionality of a Personal Radio, the solution can also be seen as a wireless extension for an Intercom System and Combat Net Radios; it enables users to be connected to the vehicle and its main radio equipment via independent PTT selection.
We would be very pleased to welcome you personally at EUROSATORY 2014, at booth H 698, hall 5, where we’ll be showcasing our products, answer to any questions you may have and discuss business opportunities.

More information about TWH-100 series Personal Radios and other products and services provided by EID to the worldwide defence community may be found in the company website (