Need a customised handset to meet your communications interface requirements? At CJ, this something we normally do for our customers. Did you know that you could begin your build online?

To date almost all of our custom handset projects have started with an email query, progressed with back and forth emails, telephone calls and in some cases visits.

As we move into the prototype phases, one-on-one communication is vital, the time lost in the beginning could be expedited by beginning the build online.

With that in mind, we have set-up a page in our website located in the CJ-H-250 series military handsets section of the site named ‘Build Your Own CJ-H-250 Handset’.

Simply click on the link and you will come to a page with drop down selections related to the common items and specifications that we need to begin your build. We intend to add on more options and drop-down selections to make the process easier to use.

CJ makes all the parts of the handset in-house, purchasing only the cable cord and connector. Therefore modifying our ‘in-production’ product to meet your needs is not only completed in a short time frame, but the costs are a fraction of what it would be if started from scratch.

Building custom handsets and headsets for our tactical and military customers is a normal part of our business. Utilising the CJ website we can make the process easier and more accessible.