In 2013 and 2014 DOLL will be supplying the German Armed Forces with robust, high-quality vehicles for operations worldwide.

This year, the company has been producing both truck bodies and semi-trailers for the German Armed Forces, with whom DOLL has had a reliable partnership for many years. In June, the first three of seven seven-axle semi-trailers were delivered. With a payload of 72,000kg, they are designed to transport especially heavy loads. These heavy transport vehicles (HET) enable the transport of various kinds of goods as well as the shipment of two 10ft and one 20ft containers.

The flexible trailers have a total length of 16,075mm, a gross vehicle weight of 101,000kg and the fifth wheel load is at 17,000kg (technically 25,000kg). The surface of the low-loading platform, which has a length of 11,800mm and a standard width of 2,980mm, can be broadened to a total width of 3,300mm by using aluminium insertion profiles.

The seven-axle semi-trailers are equipped with swing axles, whereas six axle lines are steered by a hydraulic dual-circuit supersede steering for an optimal turning behaviour. Two axle lines can be lifted to increase the traction of the chassis and the total stroke is 610mm. As an additional increase in flexibility, the compensating gooseneck allows for hydraulic balancing of the fifth wheel load.

Furthermore, the DOLL transport solution offers all low-bed components for an optimised cargo securing. Besides lashing rings at various points of the vehicle, additional rings are attached downwards that allow the lashing of the trailer during transport by rail, ship or plane. Several container locks serve a flexible transport of containers of different sizes. In addition, the vehicles contain several lockable storage boxes to keep chains, tools and lashing materials secure.

During the loading and unloading process of damaged vehicles, a hydraulic winch comes into use. The rope guides and the deflection pulley are customised to the tractor unit’s double-acting winch system. The deflection pulley is flush-mounted in the rear of the vehicle. Thanks to the hydraulically operated outriggers, the fully loaded trailer can be parked without the tractor. The rears of the seven-axle trailers are completed with a two-piece loading ramp, which is hydraulically operable.

Another big order of the Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung (BAAINBw) shows once more the successful cooperation between DOLL and the German authorities. By 2014, the company will have built 110 torsion-free platform bodies, of which 25 already have been delivered. A total of 60 platform bodies will be built by the end of 2013, whereas the rest will follow next year.