Codenomicon is happy to announce the release of Defensics 11, whose new features will take us from using standalone tools towards total security solution. The Defensics 11 vulnerability network helps you compare your product’s security testing stats to others. It offers visibility to the test data from the whole Defensics users’ community. Defensics users can download the most recent version from Codenomicon Download Arena.

Two major new features, Benchmark and Zero-day check, are introduced with Defensics 11.

Benchmark feature

With the Benchmark feature, you download the community testing statistics with your test suite.

See how your testing compares to the industry standard; how many fails others have found, how long they have usually tested and how fast others are executing the tests.

Share your results with the community, completely anonymously.

Zero-day check

Zero-day check tells you if other Defensics users have reported the vulnerability you found.

The findings that no-one has reported earlier and that are not found in the database will be called Zero-day failures in Defensics reports.

Reports include the total number of failures and the total number of Zero-day vulnerabilities.

Other new and updated features of Defensics 11 include:

  • Improved layout and statistics of the test run view.
  • Getting started documentation available at all times, installed with Defensics
  • Improved test results filtering by notes lets you find what you are looking for faster and easier.