Portable, high-performance camera with innovative day / night vision capabilities, CAT EYE supersedes the world of infrared technology and the level of performance available until now in the defence and security markets.

Accurate, mobile and autonomous, this handheld observation camera offers fantastic performance at all times of day. In both daytime even in low light levels (down to quarter moon), or in the midst of night, CAT EYE captures a clear, sharp and realistic image by restoring the natural contrasts magnified by the human brain.

Day and night, in the rain, light fog or heavy pollution conditions, CAT EYE always provides excellent visibility. It allows, even in dark night, facial identification within more than 150m.

Its simple architecture makes CAT EYE compact, lightweight and robust. In fact, a single full HD sensor (used in both day and night mode) is combined with a pulsed laser diode, without intensifier tube. This unique active imaging technology delivers a sharp night vision with low-energy consumption. Finally, embedded photo and video recording is an essential function when setting up legal evidence or support decision making in operation.

A dual product
Operated for the security-defence continuum, in perfect adequacy with current issues, in France and worldwide, CAT EYE is the focus of several years of dedicated research and development. Recognised expert in advanced optronics for the defence and security markets, LHERITIER proves its innovation ability through its products and a major innovation policy: 45% of its staff is dedicated to research and development areas.

Through CAT EYE, the company took, more than ever, a disruptive and agile approach in order to meet specific operational needs. Indeed, active imaging technologies and low-light level represents a major innovation expected by state services (Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs, Law Enforcement and Crisis management squads, Military Intelligent Services).

CAT EYE optimises operational efficiency in various areas: military operations, surveillance missions, civilian population protection, security of sensitive sites and surveillance of harbours, airports or borders.

From the genesis of the project, this product was supported by the Délégation Générale de l’Armement, French Ministry of Defence) (DGA) through the so-called ‘RAPID programme’, combining public funding and technical support to innovation, that carries on today in the product’s launch phase.

Towards new objectives for export
LHERITIER’s historical exposure to global defence and security markets, and its notorious expertise in a large panel of sensor technology in the visible spectrum, has already opened significant markets both in France and worldwide. Benefiting from a clear innovative footprint, from standards already acquired, and financially supported by the Banque Publique d’Investissement, France (BPI), LHERITIER is eager to conquer, through the promotion of CAT EYE, a significant market share in the US, India and China.