CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG) is a holding that builds on the tradition of the Czechoslovak industry, supporting and further developing activities of Czech and Slovak companies in the field of defence and civil industrial production.

CSG’s portfolio includes research and development, manufacturing and sales of military specialised vehicles, off road trucks, weapons and weapon systems, ammunition, machinery products for the automotive, railway and aerospace industry, brake systems for railed vehicles, as well as road transport and logistics.

The group puts a great emphasis on the quality of its products and services, as well as export activities. CSG has more than six thousand employees, while products made by companies of the holding can be seen on all continents and the number of customers is growing steadily. Holding CSG also co-operates with world leading manufacturers of defence products, for example General Dynamics and NEXTER SYSTEMS.

TATRA TRUCKS is one of the oldest automotive companies, with a tradition of manufacturing vehicles dating back more than 165 years. A unique part of Tatra trucks is an original chassis with a backbone tube and independent swinging half axles, thanks
to which there is no match for them in rough terrain.

Tatra vehicles are made in configurations from 4×4 to 16×16, and aside from armed forces, they are utilised in the construction and mining industry, forestry, communal services and rescue teams. About three quarters of the production of the automotive company are sold abroad, which is evident in large contracts and positive references worldwide.

MSM GROUP is a company focusing on the engineering industry and weaponry. Its portfolio covers the entire lifecycle of ammunition, weapons, army vehicles, radio navigation systems and many other products from the defence industry, including related

Aside from manufacturing, the group also focuses on development, design, subsequent maintenance, repairs or overhauls, as well as modernisation of weapon systems and ammunition, including the option to transfer specific technology to the customer.

RETIA is a leading Czech technology company that develops, manufactures and modernises radars, anti-aircraft systems, command and control systems, recording systems, localisation devices and communication systems. These products are delivered to the Czech Armed Forces, the police, NATO armed forces and other military and civilian customers in more than 40 countries worldwide.

RETIA has recently taken part in the manufacturing and development of components for the NATO system Alliance Ground Surveillance.

EXCALIBUR ARMY is a leading Czech company active in production and sales of heavy military vehicles, spare parts, weapons, ammunition and other military equipment.

It focuses on maintenance, repairs, overhauls and modernisation, including key upgrades of military technology, especially tracked and wheeled military vehicles. The latest modernisation projects include the self-propelled gun howitzer Dana M1, the IFV Šakal and the rocket launcher RM-70 Vampir.

EXCALIBUR INTERNATIONAL focuses on sales of aircraft and special purpose military hardware, including associated
logistics and aftersales services.

For this purpose, it uses the potential of the CSG holding and provides complex solutions tailored to the customer’s requirements, including not only deliveries of technology but technical support, financing, training and other services throughout the life cycle of the technology.

One of the newest and most important products of the company is the project of a multirole unmanned aerial vehicle CANTAS. The company primarily offers products of CSG, but is also capable of integrating products and services of manufacturers and suppliers outside the CSG holding into its deliveries.

KARBOX is a traditional Czech company with more than 50 years in the production of certified containers, box bodies
and container bodies for trucks or mobile container workplaces, which are supplied tailored to the customer’s needs, including the inner structure.

The product range also includes integrated containers, medical containers (field hospitals provided to NATO), mobile kitchens, mobile containers for special electronics and commander or control posts, transport containers, waste containers and fire truck bodies for freight vehicles.