Allied Wire & Cable is proud to introduce the newly expanded custom cable section of its website. Featuring custom cable articles, engineering resources, video, FAQs, design tools, case studies, and more, is now a one-stop source for all things custom cable.

Custom cable is an Allied specialty, and now they’ve developed it into a major component of the Allied Wire & Cable website.
The Custom Cable Center is designed to be a one-stop-shop for any and all custom cable needs.

It is organized into three main sections: the Custom Cable Information Center, Custom Cable Design Center, and the Custom Cable Gallery, each of which provides unique value to customers interested in custom cable manufacturing and design, whether they are brand new to ordering custom, or a seasoned veteran.

"We wanted to expand the resources available to our customers because we want them to have the best information available. It’s all part of our dedication to customer service. We want to give them tools and information they can really use," said Allied co-owner, Tim Flynn, of the added custom cable content.

Allied’s Custom Cable Gallery is an interactive portion of the site featuring case studies of custom cables Allied has completed. Staying with the theme of customization, customers can browse the case studies in one of three ways: by industry, type of cable, or as a slideshow, using the navigational arrows on each page.

The Gallery reflects Allied’s scope of services and experience with diverse industries. Flynn explains, "We have successfully designed cables for all branches of the US government, Lockheed Martin, Caterpillar, Verizon, and all the way down to Joe’s automotive shop."

In the Custom Cable Information Center, customers can view custom cable articles, engineering resources with detailed information on cable components, materials, and construction concepts, FAQs, and even a "Custom Cable Design Basics" video that serves as a great starting point for anyone new to custom cable.

The Custom Cable Design Center is where everything comes together. A step-by-step form walks the customer through their requirements, to create a solid foundation for their design and quote discussions with one of Allied’s custom cable experts.

"Many times, customers don’t even need a new cable spec-ed out. They’ll tell us things like, ‘I’ve been ordering so-and-so stock cable, and it works alright, but I wish it was a little more flexible, or I wish it had a different jacket material, or whatever," says Key Account Specialist, Chris Burke. "A lot of times, people seem surprised when I let them know I can do that for them."

With the new online focus on custom cable, Allied hopes concepts like these won’t come as such a surprise, and that new customers won’t be intimidated by the thought of ordering custom.

"One of the benefits of working with us is that we’ll sit down with you, discuss your application, and help you create a custom cable design that meets your exact needs," said Burke. "Even if a customer is unsure of what they need, or even if a custom cable is right for them at all, we will help them find or create whatever cable is best for their particular application."

Allied is dedicated to helping their customers find a cable that will work with all of their requirements; going beyond just performance and ratings, to a customer’s time frame and budgetary needs.

"Nothing satisfies us more at Allied than solving customers problems. Custom cables are designed to solve each customer’s unique needs, whether they be environmental concerns, the bundling of wires, temperature requirements, sizing issues, industry requirements, jacket and inner colors, fiber plus copper, special compounds, or anything else," Flynn says. "What makes us unique is that we can do both small factory runs with low minimums, and large factory runs with the fastest turnaround time in the industry and the best pricing."

With the new online resources, customers can explore these concepts from several different angles. They can choose to read an article in the Info Center, view related case studies in the Gallery, or go straight to the Design Center to share their requirements with a sales rep.

The online resources allow the entire custom cable experience to be tailored to the customer’s preferences.

Allied hopes that users find the new Custom Cable Center to be a valuable resource, and looks forward to building on this portion of the website based on the feedback they receive from site visitors. To use these tools and resources, visit and click on the "Custom Cable" tab.