Curtiss-Wright’s defence solutions division today announced that its drive technology business unit, a leading supplier of rugged, high-reliability, modular electro-mechanical aiming and stabilisation solutions, located in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland, has teamed with Raytheon Company to provide its cost-effective upgrade solution for modernising the turret drive and stabilisation system on M60 and Challenger 1 main battle tanks (MBT).

Curtiss-Wright’s electric gun turret drive upgrade kit replaces older, less accurate hydraulic and hybrid-based turret stabilisation systems on the M60 and Challenger 1 with a state-of-the art, full electro-mechanical drive.

The system provides for a lighter and safer turret that is able to rotate faster and accurately fire while the tank is on the move.

Curtiss-Wright has delivered the electric gun turret drive upgrade kit to Raytheon Company, and supported its integration into both the M60 and Challenger 1, resulting in successful live fire testing of the upgraded tanks.

"We are very proud to team with Raytheon Company to upgrade M60 and Challenger 1 main battle tanks with a modern electro-mechanical turret drive system that provides a quick, cost-effective solution for significantly boosting the performance of these older hydraulic and hybrid turret drive systems, enabling them to competitively meet the threat posed by newer and far more costly contemporary platforms," said Lynn Bamford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Defence Solutions division.

"We are working together with Raytheon Company to provide our electric gun turret drive upgrade kit, which can help ensure that thousands of main battle tanks, currently in use around the world, continue to be vital and effective for years to come."

This cost-effective approach for modernising turret drive systems delivers significantly improved reliability, acceleration, and audio noise reduction by replacing old hydraulic lines with modern, digitally-controlled and state-of-the-art electric actuators.

The electric turret drive upgrade kit can significantly improve tank crew survivability by eliminating flammable hydraulic fluids in the turret and can help to extend the operating life of thousands of tanks that are currently in use around the world.

Curtiss-Wright will also supply the fire control computer from its Santa Clarita, California business unit.