Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division recently introduced a new family of pre-integrated rugged mission management systems designed to lower the cost, speed the development, and reduce the design risk for deployed application-specific solutions.

Through the use of fully integrated and tested industry-leading commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) modules, these base systems are architected, pre-qualified and pre-verified to address the needs of specific mission requirements. By providing a proven pre-configured base solution, these systems deliver a significant ‘headstart’ that significantly reduces the integrator’s development cycle and costs.

Using one of Curtiss-Wright’s pre-integrated hardware solution sets as their starting point, a system integrator can easily and quickly customise the base system by with application-specific software and / or expanding the base system with additional components to meet their application’s unique requirements. The first member of this innovative new family of pre-integrated solutions is designed for software-defined radio (SDR) and electronic warfare (EW) applications. It will be followed by announcements for additional application-specific pre-integrated base systems designed for applications such as radar, electro-optical / infrared (EO) / (IR), and video / display.

"More and more frequently, our customers are asking us to help them jumpstart their application specific system designs with cost-effective pre-integrated system architectures that quickly get them most of the way to completion of their development by using proven COTS elements," said Lynn Bamford, senior vice president and general manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions division.

"Our new family of application-specific mission management systems hits the sweet spot for these designers, with ‘pre-rolled’ systems targeted for applications such as software-defined radio and electronic warfare.

"These high-TRL systems provide our customers with an easy-to-customise base system that delivers a headstart for faster deployment while lowering risk to programme schedule and budget."