The ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI) announced today that the Codenomicon ISASecure Testing Solution, consisting of the Codenomicon Defensics and the Codenomicon Load Testing platforms, is now recognised as an approved CRT testing tool for ISASecure™ control systems certification programs.

CRT testing tools must meet a rigorous set of ISCI requirements to ensure consistent and credible test results when utilised by the ISCI Chartered Labs for certifying industrial control systems and components. ISCI Chartered Labs are now authorised to use the Codenomicon CRT tool for use in the communication robustness test element of ISASecure product certifications. Suppliers seeking ISASecure certifications can be confident that the Codenomicon tool will properly reflect expected CRT test results from ISCI Chartered Labs.

Codenomicon CEO David Chartier said: "We are very pleased to offer our expertise and comprehensive set of load and fuzz testing tools to the ICS community, and look forward working with ISCI, helping stakeholders achieve better security by including robustness and load testing in their solutions."

ISCI managing director Andre Ristaino said: "Codenomicon approached this project with great enthusiasm from the very beginning. We are impressed with their offering and dedication to the ISASecure program. We look forward to working with Codenomicon as we expand the coverage of ISASecure certifications."

Codenomicon has chosen to offer the Codenomicon Load Testing platform as a free download for anyone wishing to use the software package to load test devices for internal analysis and in preparation for the CRT element of the ISASecure certification.

"This is something we felt comfortable in releasing as a free tool to all stakeholders. We recognise the need to elevate awareness of potential security issues, and encourage stakeholders to use the free tool to learn the value of comprehensive testing of devices used in critical infrastructure" added Codenomicon CEO, David Chartier.