Cobham to exhibit at International Paris Air Show 2017

Cobham Aerospace Communications, a global leader with 70 years of experience in developing and producing rotating equipment for the aerospace and defence industries, will be exhibiting at the International Paris Air Show.

Slip rings for helicopters

Cobham Aerospace Communications produces light and compact sliprings to be used in helicopter rotors. The company designs and manufactures electrical slip rings that allow the transmission of data, as well as de-icing versions of slip rings that enable to heat, to fold blades and to activate navigation lights. Due to the extreme conditions, which helicopter slip rings must withstand, the design and choice of materials and manufacturing processes are critical.

Slip rings for space applications

As a recognised supplier of technology for the space industry, Cobham Aerospace Communications can also provide electrical slip rings for constellations of satellites.

Cobham Aerospace Communications has the capabilities to use the most up-to-date technologies and specific processes to produce space slip rings, which need to be extremely light, highly reliable and made from carefully selected materials, therefore meeting the demanding space requirements.

For more information, email or telephone +33 1 46 01 21 19.