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Cinch Connectivity Solutions (CCS) is pleased to announce the qualification of its Fibreco Junior connector to the US Military MIL-DTL-83526/20 and /21 standard.

The qualified connector, ‘MIL-Junior’ further enhances the firm’s range of expanded beam fiber optic connectors, used in many harsh environment applications across the globe.

The connectors are used for sectors such as military field deployable systems, radar and satellite-communication (SATCOM) installations, offshore, subsea and energy production, industrial and transportation communication and broadcasting entertainment links.

Qualification to this standard reinforces the credibility of the entire CCS expanded beam range, from single channel connectors up to 24 channels, in both multi-mode and single-mode and fiber / copper hybrids.

When coupled with the CCS Stratos line of rugged active optical transceivers, media converters and optical flex circuitry manufactured out of their Melbourne FL, USA facility, specifying board-to-board active and passive harsh environment components for a fiber optic network has never been easier.

Key Features of the MIL-Junior are:

  • Qualified to 9µm, 50µm and 62.5µm fibre sizes at wavelengths 850/1300, 1310 & 1550
  • Optical performance better than specification
  • Compatible to existing MIL-83526/20 /21 qualified and derived connectors
  • In accordance to DLA DWG 10023 (MFOCA) multimode/singlemode dual wavelength connectors
  • German Defence Standard VG 95319-100 & 102
  • Supplied in kit form, terminated harnesses or reels, from the UK or USA
  • Field terminable with standard tooling
  • Superior cable retention mechanism
  • Compatible with industry standard cables
  • For use in extreme operating conditions

Qualification to this standard demonstrates the high bar Cinch sets for all its expanded beam connectors from both the Fibreco and Stratos brands. Combined with the firm’s high-quality, short lead-times and excellent engineering support, Cinch is firmly positioned to bring this great technology to many applications and markets to come.

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