IAG is proud to introduce the first available GMC Savana Diesel passenger van export version.

The selection of armored passenger vans / mini buses has been very limited due to the decreasing market for large diesel commercial vans.

With increasingly stricter global emission standards, many manufacturers have eliminated diesel engines from their commercial van lineup. In other cases, the new diesel engines are no longer compatible with the high sulphur diesel fuel that is available in areas such as Iraq/Afghanistan.

The current lineup of North American spec diesel vans are not compatible with high sulphur diesel fuel.

To address the high demand for armored passenger vans and mini buses, IAG is the first to develop a solution based on the GMC Savana, with a 6.6L turbo diesel V8 engine modified to operate on high sulphur diesel.

With a high payload rating, the Savana has sufficient space to seat up to 11 passengers, plus the driver, while maintaining a low profile appearance.