AAR announces the certification of the ISU® (Internal Airlift / Helicopter Slingable Container Units) 56000 series on commercial Boeing 747 aircraft. With the certification, these containers are now recognised as a size code B unit loading device and are no longer required to be netted.

The third generation 56000 Series ISU® Container is the mainstay for military rapid deployment forces. ISU®s can be kitted and configured to meet unique user mission requirements and serve virtually any cargo deployment need. The elimination of netting and tie downs decreases the man-hours needed for loading and unloading, and reduces the cost of ownership to transport and store.

"This certification allows AAR Mobility Systems to meet the growing demand across the world for air cargo capabilities within the commercial and military sectors," said Jeff Jackson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, AAR Mobility Systems.

"It also allows our military the flexibility to use commercial aircraft as necessary to augment their current capabilities."

AAR’s ISU® proprietary container design has mobility features that allow for direct roll-on / off in any 463L cargo loading system, as well as some commercial cargo loading systems as in the B747. These containers can also be transported by helo-lift, truck, rail, or ship.

A lightweight rugged aluminium and fibreglass reinforced plywood (FRP) design translates into easy maintenance and lower fuel consumption, while also allowing users to maximise internal payload.