Medical Coaches Inc. (Oneonta, NY), founded in 1949, a custom designer and manufacturer of high-end mobile medical units, was recently certified by GE Healthcare to manufacture and market their Mobile Discovery ST PET/CT System.

Engineers from both GE Healthcare and Medical Coaches spent numerous hours meeting the design challenges to deliver Mobile Discovery ST PET/CT. "The frame we have constructed for the GE system is the same structure used in our television trailers with 40 foot expandable sides," according to Geoff Smith, President of Medical Coaches. "This unique assembly allows the mobile coach to be safely under Federal weight restrictions. The lighter weights on our front and rear axles allow for customers to add extra equipment and supplies and still use a heavy-duty road tractor without the risk of overloading. The finished current coach is approximately 5,000 lbs. lighter than the nearest competitor."

Medical Coaches utilizes a special bonding agent (the same used in luxury yachts, fighter aircrafts, and the space shuttle) to join their side sections. The resulting bond is much stronger than rivets or welds and allows the finished unit to be much lighter than a standard mobile design.

All PET/CT trailers are built from the ground up at Medical Coaches’ 100,000 square foot facility located in Upstate New York. GE Healthcare then ships the Discovery ST system to the plant in Oneonta where it is installed by a certified team of professionals and calibrated on the 48 foot customized coach.

GE Healthcare’s PET/CT coaches are renowned for their high performance and dependability during intense mobile operation.

Medical Coaches is currently building stock trailers ready to receive equipment allowing a 60-90 day turnaround time from receipt of order to customer delivery. For more information please contact Chad Smith, Marketing Director PET/CT Systems.