In a strategic realignment of its business units Marshall of Cambridge Group has moved the business units in Marshall Fleet Solutions to be part of Marshall Land Systems (MLS).

The move, effective immediately, will double the size of MLS, increasing its capability, geographic spread and offering to existing and future customers. In particular the aim is to provide a more effective service to various MOD branches. Similar facilities will be available for certain other government departments.

The realignment will see MLS grow by 300 people and acquire the service depots currently operated by these business units. A high proportion of the people involved are diesel, hydraulic, electrical and service fitters and mechanics used to providing customer based or roadside maintenance and repair solutions across multi type vehicle and platform fleets on a nationwide basis. The depots are closely aligned with the transport network, existing customers and with UK MOD depots, bases and garrisons.

Peter Callaghan, Chief Executive of Marshall Land Systems, said today “This realignment shows Marshall’s commitment to its customers both civil and military. It will allow us to continue to provide the existing highly valued and regarded service levels to present customers as well as a more comprehensive and integrated level of service across all ground based platforms in the MOD.

“We anticipate being able to integrate the existing teams with little trouble and no disruption to existing service agreements. The service agreements on existing specialist military equipment currently provided by MLS will continue to be met by our CONDO declared staff in the Capability Support Team. The people from the new business units will concentrate on providing the same agile, quality service in fleet management, maintenance and repair to existing customers and various MOD and other government vehicle, equipment and plant fleets,” he added.