The Dewey Electronics Corporation, a small business concern, located in Oakland, NJ, announced today that they are demonstrating the enclosed vehicle power supply (EVPS) auxiliary power unit (APU) as part of the Experimental Forward Operating Base 2011 event held at the US Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, CA, August 15-19, 2011. The Experimental Forward Operating Base (ExFOB) is the Marine Corps’ innovative process to identify and evaluate concentrated solar harvesting technology and tactical vehicle fuel efficiency.

The 4.5kW EVPS APU significantly reduces vehicle fuel consumption when operated during vehicle idling periods. The EVPS is an air cooled APU that provides 28VDC per Mil-Std-1275 and meets the requirements of Mil-Std-1332B. The EVPS supplies equipment power, 28VDC, to the vehicle and also charges the vehicle batteries when the vehicle’s engine is shut down. Vehicle fuel consumption is reduced since the main engine is not idling, which typically is the most fuel inefficient engine mode of operation. The EVPS uses less fuel that the main engine and provides a 30% or more fuel saving during vehicle idling periods.

Dana P. Hollis, vice president of business development for Dewey, noted that the opportunity to demonstrate Dewey’s EVPS at ExFOB 2011 is, “…a continued recognition by the USMC of the compact power product developments and energy savings that Dewey Electronics can bring to the warfighter. The Dewey team is well aware that saving fuel saves lives. We are proud to have our equipment and personnel taking part in ExFOB 2011.”