Belonging to the AB Volvo Group, Renault Trucks Defense, designs, manufactures and commercialises a wide range of military vehicles to meet the needs of worldwide armed forces, whenever, wherever and whatever the mission.

Historically known as a worldwide player through its success in the medium armoured vehicles with the VAB (15 countries, 5,000 units), Renault Trucks Defense provides new products for internal security, recce, combat and logistic applications: Sherpa, Kerax, VAB Mark II, etc. The company is also known for its expertise in terms of mobility and particularly supplies the driveline of the VBCI since 2008 (French infantry combat vehicle, 650 units). As the major supplier of the French army, Renault Trucks Defense supports vehicles for more than 30 years, assuming delivery of parts within five days.

With the military Kerax models, Renault Trucks Defense would like to participate in the forthcoming programs for the landward division, known as ‘Vistula project’. Renault
Trucks Defense is introducing AB Volvo Group as a major technology partner to South Africa with a proven wide track record in the supply and support of logistic and armoured vehicles.

Renault Trucks has started to assemble its vehicles locally in Durban as also Volvo Trucks is doing it for years. Thus, the company adheres to the governments objectives to create sustainable jobs and skills transfer. Renault Trucks benefits from a wide dealer network with a full coverage of the country with 14 dealers and repairers.

Recently shown at Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition, the off-road Kerax family is fully adapted to specific needs of armed forces. These vehicles benefit from low life-cycle costs of commercial vehicles and are ideally suited for logistic missions with huge payloads capacities and various bodies: cargo, troop transport, fuel and water tanks, dump, load handling system (LHS), shelters, recovery system, weapon systems carrier.

Existing in different architecture from 4×4, 6×6 to 8×8, the Kerax family benefits from the best of the technology in term of protection of cabin today. The cab has been
designed and tested to protect the troop from highest ballistic treats, as well as mine and IEDs.

More than 900 militarised Kerax are operated worldwide including more than 400 in the French armed forces.