DHS Systems LLC has revealed several changes to its deployable rapid assembly shelter (DRASH) deployable command and control equipment (DC2E).

Introduced in November, the DC2E large-screen display is a projector system designed for users operating in large workstations, including the company’s 1,250sqft DRASH J-series shelters.

Featuring three DLP projectors, which project images with 90in diagonal viewing areas and can be set up 5ft above the ground, the large-screen display allows images to be seen from the rear of a J shelter (a distance of about 30ft) or similar tactical operations center (TOC). The system can also be packed into three lightweight cases.

Users of the system, who were able to view images despite other soldiers sitting in front of them in the TOC, seemed pleased with the new equipment.

DC2E manager Curtis Nail said: “All the feedback we’ve received about the large screen has been very positive. Everyone was overwhelmed by the image quality and people liked the way they could see the image no matter where they were in the shelter.

“Because the projector is the same one used in our medium-screen display, which has more than 2,500 units deployed, many customers were pleased that they were already familiar with the equipment.”

In addition to the large-screen display, DC2E audio-visual systems, which come in four sizes, went through several changes this year. The systems can now operate on European voltages and display labels for individual window processors using touch-panel control. They also have a reduced start-up time.

DHS Systems is planning to complete a J-series large-screen rear display this year. The system will allow greater floor space and improved image quality.