GuardSense provides fire, police and special enforcement teams with handheld, digitally-encrypted sound monitoring over 250 meters (line-of-sight) via the commercially open 2.4 GHz spectrum, making it an indispensable intelligence gathering tool for nearly every scenario.

Its high performance technology supports as many as 7 lightweight wireless sensors capable of very high intelligibility – even through concrete walls as thick as 50cm.

The GuardSense receiver includes DSP based noise reduction, a built-in speaker, sensor power and signal monitoring, battery-conserving sleep functionality and optional built-in digital recorder.

GuardSense is a wireless, stand-alone, high performance device that enables you to listen and record through air and through various surfaces including walls, floors, windows, and doors without the need to be inside the room in which the recording is taking place.

The basic GuardSense system comes with two lightweight wireless transmitter sensors: one microphone transmitter sensor and one contact microphone transmitter sensor. However, it can be connected up to seven wireless transmitter sensors in total, which are activated sequentially (not simultaneously).