Gichner Shelter Systems, a division of Gichner Systems Group, Inc., and a world leader in the design and development of tactical military shelters, announced today that it has been awarded a contract for the design, test and production of Double Door Endwall (DDE) shelters by the US Army. These shelters are similar to the standard S-788 HMMWV shelter already produced by Gichner for the US Army, except that they have double doors on the rear instead of the standard single personnel door. While not armored themselves, the shelters are specifically designed to be installed on armored HMMWVs. The initial award calls for the design and first article test of three of the shelters. Production orders for up to 400 shelters over the next three years could take the value of the program to more than $7 million.

Scott D. Sarine, vice president of marketing and sales said, “This award meshes well with the other HMMWV shelter products currently in production at Gichner, and further positions us as the world leader in the production of tactical shelters for the HMMWV. We are proud of our products and to be of such direct service to our warfighters.”