The armoured Ford E350 passenger van from IAG offers a safe and reliable ride through the harshest of environments. The armoured Ford E350 has a seating capacity for eight to ten passengers, and is available in a 5.4l V8 or 6.8l V10 petrol engine with four or five-speed automatic transmission.

The armoured Ford E350 passenger van can be armoured to CEN B6 armour, which protects against the 7.62 x 51mm Nato round and blast threats such as IEDs. The armoured Ford E350 is ideal for transporting a number of individuals to and from destinations, or important cargo. The size of the vehicle coupled with IAG Smartarmor technology provides superior protection to complete a variety of tasks.

Basra International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition

International Armored Group will be exhibiting at the 2011 Basra International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition held in Basra, Iraq. The event will take place between November 25 and November 28, 2011. Following the extreme success of the conference last year, this year the number of exhibitors has increased to over 150 organisations from around the world, occupying 4,500m² of exhibition space.

The Basra Oil and Gas conference is an important event for those who wish to shape and protect the growing Iraqi industry at large. IAG will be attending in order to showcase our latest products in secure personnel and passenger transport. We look forward to seeing you there.