Otokar, the biggest privately owned company of Turkish Defence Industry, presents its new armoured vehicle 6×6 “ARMA”, worldwide known 4×4 armoured vehicle “COBRA” and its mine resistant troop carrier “KAYA” at the show in Abu Dhabi, UAE, between 20th and 24th February.

Otokar exhibits 6×6 ARMA in Gulf Region for the first time. “ARMA is a new product family within the Otokar’s the tactical wheeled armoured vehicle range with modular multi-wheel configuration” said Mr. Serdar Görgüç, General Manager of Otokar. Reminding that Otokar launched ARMA at Eurosatory 2010 Mr. Gorguc continued: “First ARMA contract had been signed only 6 months after we launched the family. We are glad to see the trust to Otokar’s armoured tactical vehicles. We are expecting ARMA to attract visitors with its modular design, mobility and survivability.” During IDEX, Otokar displays ARMA 6×6 Armoured Vehicle equipped with Vetronics (Vehicle Electronics). The system is composed of Computer Display Unit, Power Distribution Unit and Remote Terminal Units developed by Otokar.

6×6 ARMA

The 6.4 m long, 2.7 m wide and 2.2 m high ARMA 6×6 variant has an 19 tonnes combat weight and carries a driver, commander and eight dismounts in its fully NBC protected hull. The vehicle is C-130 air transportable in standard configuration.
ARMA’s front two axles are steerable enabling it to make a turning radius of 7.8 m and the vehicle rides on independent hydropneumatic suspension, offering respectable off-road mobility. Tyre run flat capability and central inflation system is supplied as standard. It can negotiate a 45-degree approach and departure angles leading onto 60 per cent inclines and 40 per cent side-slopes. It can also cross 1.2 m wide trenches and climb over 60 cm obstacles.
A 450 hp water-cooled turbo diesel capable of running on F-34 or F-54 fuel drives the wheels through an automatic gearbox and single-speed transfer box, giving it a top speed of 105 km/h and a power/weight ratio of 24.3 hp/tonne.
This also powers the onboard 24 V DC electrical system, which incorporates two maintenance-free 125 Ah batteries and a 3.3 kW converter.

The engine is located at the right front of the vehicle, allowing a comparably high internal volume to be efficiently and ergonomically used for the crew and mission equipments.. With this internal layout, all the personnel especially the commander can keep eye contact continuously among each other.

6×6 ARMA can be driven in 6×6 or 6×4 modes depending upon the terrain conditions. The vehicle is amphibious and driven by 2 hyraulically driven propellors in water allowing a high seagoing performance with a pivot turn capability. ARMA’s ballistic and anti-mine protection is provided by armoured monocoque steel hull and all personnel is seated on anti- mine seats.
ARMA vehicle’s development started in 2006 as a company funded development project for home and export markets. Development studies from concept design till the end of test phases including qualification and validation processes, detailed design, computer aided engineering studies, are performed by Otokar. The family will be complemented by an 8×8 version late in 2011.


During IDEX Otokar displays KAYA Troop Carrier of its KAYA mine resistant armoured vehicle family. The vehicle provides not only superior mine and ballistic protection but also high levels of cross country capability.
In order to provide excellent cross country capabilities, the KAYA was developed on the Daimler Chrysler Unimog 5000 running chassis. Armoured Cab and Crew Compartment are designed as two separate units to utilize and maintain the Unimog 5000’s ultimate cross country capability. KAYA 4×4 mine protected vehicle with its flexible body configuration can easily be configured for different missions along with varying user needs.

Thanks to Otokar’s engineering and R&D capabilities, mine blasts under the hull and wheels were simulated by special software during the design period. Mine Blast tests were performed succesfully according to NATO standards. Its performance and cross country capabilities are also successfully tested on different terrain conditions.


Otokar’s worldwide known 4×4 armoured vehicle COBRA is displayed with remote controlled weapon station at IDEX 2011. The COBRA is in duty in various countries including the Gulf Region. The Cobra provides superior mobility, a high level of protection, adaptability to various missions and a low logistic footprint.

The powerful turbo diesel V8 engine and high power/weight ratio give COBRA, power to navigate in the toughest terrain conditions. The Independent Suspension, the Central Tyre Inflation Systems along with the permanent four-wheel drive, automatic transmission and front/rear 2 speed lockable transfer box ensure the highest level of mobility. The optimised body angles of the monocoque hull structure grants COBRA a reliable constitution for the superior protection resulting an excellent level of built in survivability.

Prioritizing the concepts of safety and comfort of the crew, COBRA transports up to 9 personnel from one mission to another. Thanks to the optimised angles of the armoured body in monocoque structure, COBRA differentiates itself with remarkable protection against explosives and mines.

Being ready to accomplish any type of mission, COBRA is an ideal platform for different weapon systems. Thanks to its modular structure and advanced engineering, various types of weapon stations and turrets can be adapted to COBRA in accordance with the vehicle type and mission definition.

Thanks to the modular body structure, COBRA is a multi purpose platform, designed for various military missions such as Personnel Carrier, Weapon Platform, NBC Reconnaissance, and etc. Common platform concept also helps the training, maintenance, and the logistic support planning.