On 17 December, the 5th Brigade Combat Team (BCT) attended a demo held by DRASH representatives at Fort Bliss. The 1st Brigade, 1AD, 1-36 Infantry, 5th Brigade, 1AD, and several brigade support battalions also attended.

During the exercise, a TMSS large system, a TMSS medium system, two MX shelters, and three XB shelters of various sizes were deployed. DC2E equipment was also on display.

As an army evaluation task force, the 5th BCT tests new equipment before its distribution to troops out in the field. As part of their evaluation, the 5th BCT determines if products meet all army standards and can endure harsh conditions on the battlefield for extended periods of time.

Led by business development representative Kenny Adams, the demo provided the 5th BCT with an opportunity to view the J Series shelter and its features. Additionally, members of the brigade learned proper set-up procedures, as well as how to operate the system’s generator and ECU. With a set-up time of less than 40 minutes and user-friendly design, the J Shelter quickly impressed the brigade. “They liked how quickly you can set it up and the simplicity of the system,” says Adams. “They were also impressed with our DC2E equipment.”

Poor weather conditions helped the DRASH shelters prove their durability as well; “Just as we were beginning the demo the wind in El Paso began picking up, even reaching 65mph,” explains Adams. “Some people came back later in the day to see if our shelters had been able to withstand the winds and not one of our shelters had fallen down.”

Having witnessed its reliability and accessibility firsthand, the 5th BCT purchased a J Shelter to serve as a tactical operations center.