It is often not possible to make use of standard solutions, especially in the area of armoured vehicles. A highly specialised set of requirements usually demands individual solutions that are specially tailored to them. The demands placed on mobility, protection, engine performance, transportability and user-friendliness often go hand in hand with problems of available installation space and high demands on strength and durability. Plenty of experience and comprehensive expertise are needed to meet all of these requirements.


The ideal solution can only be created through the perfect interaction of material knowledge, development expertise, process experience and the corresponding realisation of these in production. SAG Alutech, a company of the SAG Motion Group, is a specialist in the development of special solutions primarily based on the material of aluminium, as well as in the forming and welding of aluminium. SAG Alutech benefits in particular from the extensive knowledge and experience of its own development department as well as from its own production department, which is set up to deal especially with the production of special solutions. The company works closely with customers to find the perfect solution for the problem at hand.


SAG Alutech has already put its significant experience in the area of special solutions to the test in a wide range of industries. In addition to products for the commercial vehicle and automotive industry and defence technology sector, SAG Alutech also manufactures special solutions for fire service vehicles, snow groomer and other special vehicles. The range of products is extensive, and includes fuel, combination and hydraulic tanks, tanks with integrated steps, special tanks optimised to fit the available installation space, compressed air containers, seat structures and special welding modules. As many commercial vehicle and car manufacturers are amongst SAG Alutech’s customers, the very best in quality standards and professional completion is a matter of course.


SAG Alutech is a company of the SAG Motion Group division and is the specialist in the area of welded containers and special constructions. SAG Alutech develops and produces fuel and oil tanks, compressed air tanks and air cells, tool boxes and special constructions. In the SAG Motion Group division, the know-how of Alutech was bundled together with Alutech Nederland B.V., Fueltech Sweden AB, SAG FRANCE SAS, Alutech Slovakia sro as well as the Euromotive and the Thixalloy® Components. The SAG Motion Group produces high-tech components for the automobile, aerospace, utility vehicle, motor cycle and railway vehicle industries and also crash management and pedestrian protection systems, seat structures, window systems for utility and railway vehicles and much more. The focus here is on aluminium components. In 2006, the SAG Motion Group had close to 1000 employees and a turnover of €170 million. For the year 2007, the aim is to reach a target of €200 million.