TAM, a leading provider of mobile military lightweight shelters, has launched newly designed VTC sandwich shelters, which have fulfilled FAT and also fulfil the requirement for CSC approval according to ISO 1496 20ft 1CC and GL-rules.

The shelters are shielded and soundproofed, especially designed for housing video-tele-conferencing equipment and consist of the following main parts:

  • Shelter assembly size 1CC with ISO corner castings and forklift pockets
  • Technical room where ECU, LoadCentre 400VAC / 230VAC, patch panel for fibre network etc. are installed
  • VTC-room with internal power and fibre network distribution system, air conditioning, lights, conference table, space for VTC equipment, etc.
  • Environmental control units (ECU), which are capable of controlling the interior temperature to comfortable levels, for an outside ambient temperature of up to 50°C
  • Air-handling unit to supply fresh air inside the shelter, equipped with filters and 3kW heating elements
  • Input / output panel for power and fibre network.