To meet the needs of their customers who require corrective lenses, ESS has launched a new prescription insert accessory for their popular CDI™ sunglasses.

This new insert allows for the rapid interchange of multiple lens types – clear and tinted, or prescription and non-prescription – all in one sunglass frame.

The CDI™ sunglasses include two sets of interchangeable lenses, which can be swapped out by sliding the lenses in and out of the frame. Now, ESS is introducing the CDI™ Prescription Insert system, which consists of a pair of lens carriers that slide in and out of the frame just like the standard CDI™ lenses. The lens carriers can be fitted with prescription lenses by any optometrist, and then inserted in the CDI™ frame.

This system is ideal for those who want to have clear and tinted prescription lenses, or those who occasionally wear contact lenses and want their sunglasses to be able to accommodate either standard lenses or prescription lenses.