Medical Coaches displayed the first mobile MRI with TIM technology at the 2003 Radiological Society of North America in November of this year.

Total Imaging Matrix (TIM) technology, is a revolutionary new addition to the traditional process of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), opening up a new world of possibilities. This allows for whole body imaging in a single sitting virtually eliminating the need for patient repositioning. With a reduction in exposure time for head-to-toe scan to 12 minutes, resulting in 80% elimination of claustrophobia, dramatic noise reduction and vastly improved workflow in hospitals and practices, along with lower life cycle cost.

Their Avanto 1.5T model MRI system is ideal for mobile applications.

Medical Coaches’ long-term partnership with Siemens led to the development and delivery of their first 1.5 Tesla Symphony mobile MRI. Over 250 Siemens MRI trailers have been built and delivered to customers in the United States and Europe

Medical Coaches and Siemens have a unique partnership that ensures our Siemens Mobile MRI’s are built specifically for their equipment. Siemens has their own staging, service and testing facility 10 miles from the Medical Coaches plant in Oneonta, NY. Siemens has maintained this facility since 1988.

All units are magnetically shielded to allow transportation at field. RF shielding is built into our units and independently tested for Siemens specification compliance.

With uptime figures among the best in the industry, customers consistently choose the Siemens/Medical Coaches mobile MRI over competitive models.

In addition to the domestic model, Medical Coaches has developed an international model compliant with ISO-9001 standards, T.U.V., and C.E. Certifications.

Medical Coaches has also delivered a number of mobile MRI trailers to our international customers in Europe. Rigorous evaluation of current standards and regulations has allowed our units to pass TUV and CE Certification inspections. Medical Coaches’ current status as the only US-based mobile MRI manufacturer with ISO 9001 Certification also.