Protect workspaces, protected load spaces and specialist design consultancy are all on display on the Marshall Land Systems stand, number 755, at DSEi being held at the Excel Centre, London from 8 to 11 September 2009.

The company is using an extended matrix shelter to demonstrate its capabilities in designing shelter based systems including hospitals, machinery workshops, ground control stations and command facilities. These can be fitted with level 3 blast and direct fire kinetic weapon protection, full EMC protection and CBRN facilities. Included in the display is film footage of a Norwegian field hospital being deployed and the power pack repair facility (PPRF) being used to maintain the engines of armoured vehicles deployed in Afghanistan.

Marshall’s capabilities in designing load beds and other structures to be fitted to the chassis of logistic vehicles is on display on the Mann Trucks stand, number 1255, where the Marshall Land System’s Equipment Prime Mover is being shown. This is an adaptation of a standard vehicle with the addition of a crew compartment, mechanical handling device, load bed able to accommodate the crew stores and easier access to the tow hook.

Unattended ground vehicles (UGVs) and unattended air vehicles (UAVs) also feature on the stand. A number of UGV solutions to detect hostile threats in urban environments and carry loads which navigate themselves through streets or across country avoiding buildings and other objects will be on show. The UK Fire Shadow, a loitering munition, will also be featured.

Represented on the stand are Marshall’s Norwegian partners who are part of Marshall Land Systems’ range of solutions for deployable camp infrastructure, casualty treatment and evacuation and electronic integration of sensors.