Renault Trucks Defense and Land Rover have announced they will work together to bid for UK Ministry of
Defence (MoD) contract work to supply military support vehicles.

The cooperation between the companies will be based on selected vehicles from the SHERPA tactical vehicle range of Renault Trucks Defense. The vehicles will be assembled by
Land Rover in the UK.

Renault Trucks Defense has already been down selected for the Operational Utility Vehicle System competition in the UK and the SHERPA 4×4 offered by Renault Trucks Defense for the contest will now be jointly offered to the UK MoD with Land Rover.

Other opportunities for vehicles from the SHERPA range will be considered subject to the ongoing requirements of the UK MoD.

The partnership between the two world-class companies offers the UK MoD the benefits of modern vehicles designed for current and future operations. This partnership builds upon the long-standing relationship that Land Rover has with the UK MoD.

In a joint statement Serge Perez, senior vice president of Renault Trucks Defense, and John Stretton, director of global government and direct sales for Land Rover, said: “The letter of intent between Renault Trucks Defense and Land Rover to work together offers the UK MoD the combination of the outstanding technical design, proven performance and reliability of the SHERPA 4×4 with the unparalleled experience of Land Rover gained from
serving the needs of the British armed forces for many years.

“The SHERPA 4×4 is an established European utility vehicle with the ability to carry the level of armour
protection demanded by current theatres of operations and outstanding growth potential to meet future requirements.”