DHS Technologies recently announced it has expanded its line of DRASH satellite support systems to accommodate the warfighter information network-tactical (WIN-T).

The company began work on its new WIN-T shelter system while attending a fielding with the Alabama National Guard this summer.

Realizing the unit’s need for a space in which to monitor satellite feed while protected from the elements, engineers at DHS quickly went to work creating a new booting system able to accommodate their WIN-T equipment.

“Using our system, the Alabama National Guard was able to connect the WIN-T to a 442ft&#178 DRASH MX shelter and create a mobile classroom. They were ecstatic to be able to conduct training outside and still have a comfortable workspace,” says field technician Donald Dehm, who attended the fielding.

DHS first introduced its line of satellite support systems last year when it revealed the DRASH STT shelter system – a special shelter system designed to accommodate the satellite transportable terminal (STT) and similar communications platforms.

Personnel can use the systems to connect their satellite technology to any DRASH shelter, including the US Army’s standard integrated command post systems (SICPS) TMSS medium and TMSS large, and form a complete command suite.

“We really can take one of our shelters and a customized boot to create a customized system capable of supporting a wide range of the satellite technology in use today,” says Dehm.