Known for its CMM series connectors present in on-board electronics, mainly in defence and avionics, Nicomatic launches a new connector concept. The new DMM series is a robust, compact and shock resistant design connector registered under trademark MICRO-D-MIX. The first series has been developed for use in harsh environments, typically in the aerospace, transportation and defence markets.

DMM connectors offer a high pin density, as well as hybrid contacts (low frequency, high frequency, high power), which contribute to equipment miniaturisation. Their compact design is ideal for miniature and portable devices or equipment used in the field, as well as on-board electronics, rack and panel. They are designed and tested to withstand extreme conditions and comply with MIL83513 and MIL-DTL-55302F. The addition of a metal shield enables resistance to exterior factors such as electromagnetic interference (EMI).

In creating a connector system with a lower profile than the traditional MICRO-D, and in using standard components (fixings, contacts etc.), the cost of the product is reduced when bought on the marketplace.

Nicomatic has used a 20-year know-how and experience in connector design in order to produce a product range that is different from usual catalogue offers. Each single DMM connector is a personalised solution based on the use of standard components.