The requirements of armoured vehicles in terms of quality, lightweight construction and space optimization, as well as static and dynamic demands are extraordinarily high. They require a great deal of know-how regarding development and production, in addition to a thorough knowledge of materials.

SAG Alutech, a subsidiary of the SAG Motion Group, is a competent partner in the fields of fuel storage installations, hydraulic tanks and special components of aluminium. In space optimization design, an important consideration in armoured vehicles, special attention is paid to this aspect and the best possible use is made of available space.

Concerning the product development specially oriented towards customer requirements, SAG Alutech not only rises to the challenge of high development expertise, but also has many years of experience with the material aluminium. As a result, it is possible for SAG Alutech to provide special constructions, which are optimized for the material aluminium, thereby avoiding material substitution and offering alternative, innovative solutions.


Based on experience in the field of military technology and confirmed by highly complex FEM calculations and simulations, the basic material used for most welding modules is the naturally hard AlMg4,5Mn. For components which are subject to less mechanical stress, the alloy AlMg3 can also be used.

Optimal shapeability and weldability, in addition to an endurance strength which meets the requirements, are the basic prerequisites for the exact choice of the aluminium alloy to be used. Only by choosing the best material, in connection with a proper aluminium construction, can the development of an ideal solution be made possible.

The Right Solution for Every Problem

Besides the large OEMs of the utility vehicle industry, currently the largest military producers on the European market are provided with aluminium products of the highest quality by SAG Alutech – irrespective of whether prototype, batch or large series production.

With the aim of developing weight-reduced components, SAG Alutech is regularly confronted with the challenge of seeking the solution to these complex tasks. The aim is to achieve weight advantages of up to 40% with the same durability as comparable products of steel.

The following products are included in the current product portfolio for the defence industry:

  • Fuel, hydraulic and water containers
  • Seat structures
  • Loading platforms
  • Storage chests
  • Camouflage-net boxes
  • Special components


SAG Alutech is a company of the SAG Motion Group division and is the specialist in the area of welded containers and special constructions. SAG Alutech develops and produces fuel and oil tanks, compressed air tanks and air cells, tool boxes and special constructions. In the SAG Motion Group division, the know-how of Alutech was bundled together with Alutech Nederland BV, Fueltech Sweden AB, SAG FRANCE SAS, Alutech Slovakia, as well as the Euromotive GmbH and Co KG and the Thixalloy Components GmbH & Co KG.

The SAG Motion Group produces high-tech components for the automobile, aerospace, utility vehicle, motor cycle and railway vehicle industries and also crash management and pedestrian protection systems, seat structures, window systems for utility and railway vehicles and much more. The focus here is on aluminium components. In 2006, the SAG Motion Group had close to 1,000 employees and a turnover of €170 million. For the year 2007, the aim is to reach a target of €200 million.