DHS Technologies subsidiaries MilSys (UK), based in Hereford, the UK, and DHS Systems, based in Orangeburg, NY, recently delivered what is believed to be NATO’s first DRASH role two medical facility and its first non-US rapidly deployable corps headquarters to Turkey’s NATO Rapid Deployment Corps (NRDC-TU). Visit for a photo of the command post system.


One of the largest mobile medical facilities in Europe, the role two medical facility takes up an area of 21,936ft² and comprises 25 Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters (DRASH) with power and environmental control. The mobile Turkish third corps’ headquarters takes up an area of 47,986ft² and includes a complex of 35 DRASH shelters. In use by US military and NATO forces since 1984, DRASH is a mobile, quick-erect / strike shelter system that integrates shelter, mobility, lighting, heating, cooling and power distribution in one flexible package.

"The complexes represent what we hope will be the first step in outfitting the Turkish Army with the best shelter technology out there," said MilSys sales and marketing director Max Houghton. "The use of computers and modern communications technology on the fast-moving battlefield has necessitated rapid assembly shelter systems such as these to provide proper protection for that technology, and enhance the working environment for command and staff making life and death decisions."

Both complexes have been fielded on the NRDC-TU parade square in Istanbul, where they will remain for the month of May to allow key military and civilian decision makers to visit and inspect the DRASH Systems. A team of eight DRASH technical experts visited the site at the end of April to train and provide general technical advice to military personnel on the deployment of the DRASH equipment.

Turkey maintains the second largest standing force in NATO after the United States, and the eighth largest number of active troops in the world. Turkish third corps commander, Lt Gen Ethem Erdagi, told the DHS Technologies team that he was delighted with both the facilities, and noted that the superior quality will greatly enhance the productivity of his troops.