Dantherm participated in the Tetra World Conference last year in Vienna.

The major reason for our decision to participate was our wish to know more about this interesting business area as the Tetra network seems to be the chosen backbone for security networks both in relation to Military, Fire-brigades, Police, and Transportation (bus and railway) and because we think that our well-proven cooling solutions would be ideal for the Tetra network sector – exactly as it has been for the telecom sector.

The next TETRA world Congress will be held Nov. 28th to December 1st in Frankfurt and also this time Dantherm will be present with a stand where we will show our solutions to electronics cooling a.o. for military applications. Our stand has number I 4 and we hope that also this year’s TETRA World Conference will be a success.

For the Tetra network sector Dantherm solutions can provide:

  • Up-time during max. traffic on the net
  • Up-time at extreme running temperatures
  • Up-time during power break-down
  • Redundancy in case of power break-down
  • Built-in back-up with components and cooling systems
  • Network surveillance
  • Extreme low power consumption
  • A silent unit

Silencio from Dantherm is a low-noise outdoor air conditioner specifically designed to control the interior of outdoor communications shelters. As the name implies, Silencio generates a minimum of sound, making it perfect for cooling of electronics in military cellular networks.

The new product from Dantherm Silencio not only lives up to its name – silent operation – it also provides security for constant operation.

We have built a new line of cooling units for shelters that will keep a constant temperature during normal operation – using a minimum of energy.

During emergency operation – where power may be switched on and off the Silencio will also be working. Especially during an emergency situation the power of the Tetra Network is crucial. If power is shut off the network relies on the UPS and battery pack. Both the transmission and the cooling equipment draw what is needed for operation.

When a Dantherm Silencio is experiencing power cut-off – it will switch over to DC driven emergency cooling – where only a few DC-driven components will be operating. Also then a sufficient operating temperature is maintained in the shelter. Even when traffic on the base stations is high as is the case during emergencies.

Low energy consumption and built-in redundancy

Overall low power consumption turns out to be relevant when considering the number of sites installed in a TETRA network. Each saving in a TETRA site is multiplied by several 100 units. In line with this demand for low power consumption Dantherm’s newly developed product; Silencio will reduce the traditional power consumption of a cooling system by up to 85%.

“We have utilized our experience and knowledge from working with cooling solutions for the major producers of radio equipment for the commercial telecom sector, this has given us an insight which enables us to create solutions that match a military network’s cooling challenges”; states product manager Henrik Friis Børsting.

The product line Silencio that Dantherm is launching now is a combined cooling unit for shelter and room applications. It is characterized by its very low noise level and extreme low power consumption as well as the built-in redundancy. The cooling unit comes in four variants with capacities from 6.0kW up to 14.0kW. It utilizes the free cooling concept as far as the ambient temperature allows and then gradually changes over to active cooling when the ambient temperature rises. The free cooling system of the Silencio is highly efficient.