On September 9, 2010, Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), in partnership with DHS Technologies and Under Armour, completed construction on its new DRASH bunker at Under Armour’s distribution house in Curtis Bay, Maryland.

The bunker will be used for volunteers as they put together backpacks filled with basic necessities for injured service members recovering at treatment facilities across the US.

WWP was founded in 2003 by a group of veterans and their families dedicated to providing support and raising awareness for troops injured while serving overseas. The non-profit organization has since grown to play a key role in the recovery of countless service members wounded during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

Distributed at military trauma centers around the country, WWP Packs have become an essential part of the organizations’ efforts as many of those injured return home with few, if any, possessions after being wounded in combat.

“When I arrived at Walter Reed in 2005, I had nothing but the paper gown I was wearing,” says Adam Mattis, a US veteran and WWP employee. “Having someone there to provide you with the basics, such as clothing and toiletries, helps you begin your recovery.”

Each pack comes complete with apparel, underwear and socks donated by Under Armour. The sports performance company has partnered with WWP as part of their UA Freedom initiative developed to help support military and public safety officials.

Mattis says that the new bunker, which is constructed from a 304ft² DRASH 4XB shelter donated by DHS, will help volunteers remember the great cause they are supporting as they put the backpacks together.

“If you go to Afghanistan, DRASH shelters are everywhere. Having one to work in will definitely keep everyone in the military spirit.”

Backpacks are just the beginning of the life-long support system WWP provides to wounded warriors. The organization runs numerous programs designed to assist service members and their families in their recovery, including TRACK, the first education center in the nation specifically designed for wounded warriors transitioning to a civilian life.

A proud sponsor of WWP, DHS has also supported organization’s initiative to bring wounded service members to local sporting events, including Washington Redskins and Capital games as well as this fall’s Alabama vs. Penn State football game.