ILEE have introduced a new tactical LED torch with an IR filter, including a mounting-clamp for Mil.Std 1913 mounting rails (Picatinny). The tactical torch has an LED light source which transmits the IR light using an inbuilt filter. Traditionally a xenon lamp is used for his purpose; however xenon lamps are not reliably resistant to high shock conditions and have a failure rate which is clearly higher and inferior to the LED life expectancy.

By use of a LED the lifecycle of the torch is substantially improved. The IR content of a LED appears proportionally smaller than on a xenon lamp but the useful proportion is comparable and there is not much IR content. This is of no use for the illumination, but wastes energy which is transferred into unwanted heat. Due to the high efficiency of the LED the useful IR content for NVGs is comparable to the IR output of xenon lamps. However the high reliability of the LED and the superior life expectancy and the lower battery consumption makes the LED the clearly better choice for the job.

The torch is supplied with a clamp in order to secure it to a tactical Mil.Std. 1913 mounting rail (Picatinny) which is easy to mount and shot-steady once applied.