Kinetics Ltd, established in 1985, is a world leader in the area of life support systems (LSS), auxiliary power units (APU), heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems/environmental control systems (ECS), individual crew and equipment cooling systems (ICECS), NBC/ CBRN protection and military and airborne hydraulic systems.

Kinetics develops, qualifies, produces and fields systems and components for a wide range of tracked, wheeled, stationary and airborne military platforms.

These include main battle tanks (MBT), self-propelled howitzers (SPH), armoured/infantry fighting vehicles (AFV/IFV), armoured personnel carriers (APC), mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAP), tactical and tactical support vehicles (TV/TSV), utility and utility support vehicles (UV/USV), rocket launchers, shelters, tents, helicopters and aircraft.

Individual crew and equipment cooling system (ICECS)

ICES was developed by Kinetics to provide crew and equipment cooling for special applications. Cooled and dried air is provided from a special air conditioner
to air-cooled overalls or vests. The air naturally cools the upper torso of each crewman.

ICECS can be provided as a standalone system or integrated with the CBRN protection system – as life support system (LSS).

ICECS is a proper solution in special applications such as:

  • Main battle tanks (MBT), self-propelled howitzers (SPH), helicopters and other platforms where there are just a few crewmen on board and platform constrains (power, open hatches etc) would not allow cabin cooling.
  • Special application vehicles (such as command post, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, police mission etc) where crew and equipment must be optimally cooled while operating the vehicle with open ramp or hatches.
  • NBC reconnaissance vehicle, where crew can be optimally cooled and protected with the unique NBC air-cooled overalls.

ICECS special features:

  • Energy saving of up to 70% compared with cabin cooling.
  • Excellent human-machine interface offers maximum comfort for the crew and effectiveness in operating the vehicle.
  • Maximum cooling performance is achieved also when the vehicle is open.
  • Cooled-air supply to NBC protected overalls and NBC facemask
  • Maintenance-free system with self-cleaning heat-exchangers
  • Optional power management to optimise power consumption.

There are three types of air-cooled overalls or vests (ACO/V):

  • Regular/fire resistant air-cooled overall
  • NBC protected air-cooled overall
  • Air-cooled compact vest (to be worn under regular shirt or overall)

Visit Kinetics at DSEI 2009, which takes place from 8 September to 11 September at ExCel, London. The company will be based at the Israel Pavilion, stand 434.