Theissen Training Systems GmbH has delivered 23 containers of deployable training systems from the production facility “De Rijk” in Belgium.

Deployable equipment and the “Range in a Box” system are a part of Theissen´s effort to bring deployable solutions to customers serving not only at designated training ranges, but in the actual zones of conflict. Right there where appropriate training equipment is really required!

Before soldiers are deployed to serve in combat zones, they undergo complete and intensive live fire training. Naturally this status quo needs to be kept on the highest possible level, particularly after deployment in theatre. If soldiers do not have access to constant live fire training facilities they are not going to be able to perform at their best. Training instructors know that reaction and friend-foe discrimination rapidly decrease if not constantly practiced.

With the “Range in a Box” system Theissen has developed a complete deployable system which allows our customers to operate a training facility in the actual combat zone. It allows continuous and uninterrupted training wherever troops are temporarily based at. Within hours whole scenarios can be installed – right from the container with minimal infrastructural requirements.

‘Range in a Box’ System

This modular, turnkey and ready-to-go mobile live fire shooting camp trains mechanized and infantry combat teams using high-tech, radio-controlled and battery-powered training facilities not only in remote out of areas missions. Autonomous container systems with diesel generators, solar panels and chemical WC facilities are available to create a temporary range control center. Optionally available are office modules, battery charging room, carpenter module, repair shop, WC and washroom module, kitchen / mess module.

Deployable Components

Deployable target solutions are specifically designed to provide modular, dynamic and scalable training during out-of-area missions. Live-fire training must be available in combat zones. While being apart from any infrastructure our deployable target solution can be installed and dismantled in very few time and can be stored and deployed in standard containers. This provides live fire training facilities under all out-of area conditions and keeps your troops always well prepared. Deployable armor targets and deployable infantry targets in both stationary and moving versions are available from TTS.