A new equipment prime mover (EPM) will be launched by Marshall Vehicle Engineering, part of Cambridge-based Marshall Land Systems, at stand SP6 at DVD, which takes place at Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedford, on 24 June and 25 June.

The EPM is designed for a variety of tasks where a trailer is required or the vehicle is being used to provide an integral support solution such as a command post or electronic warfare centre. The new vehicle capitalises on the company’s knowledge of load beds, chassis dynamics and systems integration and demonstrates how an in-service chassis can be put to different uses.

Featured on the stand is one of the possibilities, a gun towing vehicle. This new vehicle, which has been developed as a private venture, is based on the 6t MAN HX60 Support Vehicle, which is entering service with British forces, although the capability could equally apply to the 9t and 15t variants, as well as other military medium mobility and improved medium mobility vehicles.

It carries a detachment of eight together with two 1.85t NATO ammunition pallets of either 34 ready-to-fire 155mm rounds or 72 105mm rounds and is fitted with a crane. The load bed over-hang has been configured to accommodate the human factor requirements for a prime mover, allowing it to tow guns, radars or similar.

“This design demonstrates Marshall Land Systems’ willingness to invest as well as our ability to respond to market requirements, and shows our agile thinking around the ‘how can I use what I’ve got rather than what can I design from scratch’ approach,” said Peter Callaghan, chief executive of Marshall Land Systems.

“It is about using an existing platform to meet new requirements. The result is best value for the defence budget, reduced training requirements and a smaller logistic footprint, as well as faster delivery times.”

The vehicle cab, with space for up to three, is air conditioned, fitted for BOWMAN and can be fitted with appliqué armour. The crew module has been designed to offer the same level of blast, ballistic, environmental, CBRN protection and safety characteristics as the driver and commander enjoy. It can also be EMC sealed if it is used for a communications centre or command post.

Based on a proven chassis design, it has already been demonstrated that the vehicles can be winterised for cold or waterproofed for amphibious operations.