The demands on armoured vehicles are extremely high. The requirements for mobility, protection, motor performance and transportability must be fulfilled. Consistent lightweight construction is therefore the most important criterion for satisfying the requirements. Weight-optimisation solutions can be implemented particularly well within the interior. Special consideration should therefore be given to the seats.

The seats of an armoured vehicle must fulfil numerous functions. Not only the requirements for maximum mobility but also for comfort and ergonomics must be satisfied. Naturally, the highest safety requirements as well as maximum utilisation of the possibilities for lightweight construction must be taken into account in the development.

SAG Euromotive, a company of the SAG Motion Group and affiliate of SAG Alutech, is a specialist in energy and crash management as well as an aluminium expert and can deliver optimised concepts that are adapted to the special application requirements within the area of seat structures and back rests.


Seat structures of aluminium have great advantages over steel structures. Aluminium offers a weight savings potential of up to 40 percent, but that is just the beginning. The most important advantage of aluminium structures lies in the broad design freedom; in other words, extrusion-moulded sections, cast parts, sheets, tubes and extruded parts can be combined depending on the requirements.

This allows optimised distribution of the masses within the component that is appropriate for the loads encountered.
The great challenge here lies in finding the correct solution for the specific problems.

The extensive experience of SAG Euromotive in the area of developing seat structures and in all aspects of aluminium makes it possible to fully utilise all these advantages in an “optimal aluminium design” – including with regard to the planned production quantities, in other words, with cost optimisation.


Development competence numbers among the key strengths of the entire SAG Motion Group. In this way, additional innovative solutions are found. And not just according to customer wishes. Great importance is placed on in-house developments.

In addition to the development and design of lightweight solutions, SAG offers the creation of prototypes, from small series to long-running series, such as the Fennek or Dingo.


SAG Euromotive GmbH & Co KG, a company of the SAG Motion Group, is primarily active in the automotive, aerospace, utility vehicle, motorcycle and rail vehicle industries. The company has made a name for itself in the area of energy and crash management systems as well as seat structures, but also offers many other high-tech components of aluminium.

With roughly 140 employees, the subsidiary of SAG AG was able to achieve sales of almost EUR 27 million in the year 2006.
The affiliated company SAG Alutech GmbH is a specialist in welded containers. The production areas of SAG Alutech primarily include the manufacture of fuel tanks, with particular focus on installation space optimisation, compressed air tanks, air cells, hydraulic tanks as well as special solutions, such as weight-optimised storage boxes of aluminium.

With the foundation of its many years of experience in the production of welded containers and with the material aluminium, SAG Alutech is also active in the military sector and has been able to offer many innovative solutions in this particular area. With 600 employees at seven locations, SAG Alutech succeeded in earning EUR 125 million in sales.